An independent publication about data networking covering the Cloud, NFV, SDN, and network automation - created by Rick Donato.

Through my time as an engineer/architect in the networking industry - 15 years now - I`ve been lucky enough to work for many great companies across several different areas, such as security, automation, virtualization, and design.

During this time I discovered my love for blogging. As my passion for blogging/writing increased so did the depth of the articles, which now range from 5-20 pages (on average), provide hands-on exercises and are accompanied by coding examples. With this, it posed the question - what next?

The next logical step was to write a book. Well, I am proud to announce,

This is my book!

Unlike a traditional book, it's never finished or frozen at a moment in time. My journey is ever-evolving, growing, and progressing. As the industry and new technologies emerge, so does my online publication - PacketFlow.

Enjoy ...